Who can practice French boxing?

Who can practice French boxing?

Why and how to box ?

Practiced since the 18th century, boxing is a combat sport that today makes many followers. And this, both in men and in women. There are currently several styles of boxing: English boxing, kickboxing, muay-thai, French boxing savate … Anyway, his practice is particularly advantageous. Then discover in this article everything you need to know about this dynamic and comprehensive sport.

Like all sports, boxing is beneficial for form and mind. Concretely, this complete and trendy sport allows:

  • Be more alert, agile and fast
  • Improve his cardiovascular capacities, his endurance and his breathing
  • Strengthen his body and tone his muscles
  • Relieve stress and promote self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Win better mobility in space
  • Refine the silhouette and burn a lot of calories

Warning ! Despite its undeniable health benefits, boxing is strongly discouraged for people with heart problems. In addition, there are people who have vision problems.

How to learn boxing ?

To learn the basics of boxing correctly and have an adequate technique, the ideal is obviously to join a club. Indeed, a boxing club has all the equipment necessary for an optimal practice of this sport. What is more, he promises the support of a qualified coach who can teach you:

  • The right posture
  • The guard and the footwork
  • The main punches (jab, cross, hook and uppercut) and the combinations
  • Defensive techniques

If you want to become a professional boxer like Mohamed Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr., George Foreman or Mike Tyson, this option should not be overlooked. Precisely, according to the French Boxing Federation (FFBoxe), there are 917 affiliated sports associations and structures in France, including 810 clubs and 99 boxing schools. In any case, this combat sport has the great advantage of being able to practice alone at home. With this in mind, you can help yourself with several resources: blogs, books, videos … It is even possible to take distance courses. However, nothing beats private lessons in the face of a qualified teacher.

Boxing training: how it goes ?

To progress and improve, boxing training is essential. It then takes place in three parts: warm-up, the main part and stretching.

Thus, for heating, it is quite simply necessary to carry out several exercises: jogging, cycling, jump rope, stretching … The goal is of course to prepare all the joints of the body and the muscles for the effort to come. In the main part of training, it is important to work on the technique while strengthening its physical condition. Here is a training scheme that you can follow for this part:

  • Revision of his striking technique (punching)
  • Starting with the rolling bag or a punching bag
  • Switching to the punching bag
  • Performing muscle strengthening exercises
  • Convenient in the ring: sparring or shadow boxing
  • Improvement of his footwork and endurance
  • Completion of exercises to awaken its tone and its explosiveness
  • Real confrontation against an adversary

Finally, boxing training, a stretching session is in order. It of course helps prevent sporting injuries and avoid having sore joints. But, it also at the same time improves its athletic performance.

How is a boxing match going ?

A boxing match usually goes as follows. Three to four hours before the start of the match, the boxer goes through the weighing stage. Once his category has been determined, he passes a physical examination and possibly an anti-doping check. In order to be able to fight, he must obtain the agreement of the doctor appointed by the organizing committee. Shortly before the start of the fight, an official checks his equipment, in particular the bandages which must meet the standards. Note that it is in the locker room that the boxer heats up. In addition, prior to the fight, the organizing committee is obliged to ensure compliance on the sides of the ring used.

At the time of the match, the two boxers head for the ring and greet the judges and the public. They then prepare in their respective corner, then place themselves in the center of the ring. There, the arbitrator reminds them of the rules and checks one last time that their equipment has no element likely to injure. After which, the two boxers touch their fists as a salvation. At the sound of the gong, the referee gives them the signal to fight.

A boxing match includes several rounds separated by breaks. The number and duration of reversals or rounds then vary according to the age and status of boxers (amateurs or pros). They also differ depending on the level of competition. At the end of the fight, the judges decide the winner according to the situation:

  • Number of points obtained by each of the boxers
  • K.-O .
  • Abandonment or package
  • Disqualification

From what age to box ?

In principle, boxing is practiced from 5-6 years old. As for the age limit, it depends on the category of boxing practiced and the physical condition of the boxer. According to the FFBoxe, educational boxing and leisure boxing are open to young and old aged 6 to 77. However, professional boxing is only accessible under certain conditions. Among other things, it is aimed at an audience between 18 and 35 years of age. For amateur boxing, it is practiced from 13 years old until 39 years old.

How to participate in a boxing competition ?

Before being able to participate in a boxing competition, it is first necessary to justify a sports booklet. Wearing the sticker for the current sports year, this booklet is issued by the FFBoxe for those who provide the medical certificates required for the practice of this combat sport. In addition, it is imperative to hand over to the federal delegate at the time of weighing during a competition. Depending on the boxing category practiced, the federation can therefore issue a professional license, an amateur boxer license (BA), an educational assault boxing license (BEA)… This license then acts as an authorization to fight on the occasion of an official competition.

It goes without saying that before joining a boxing competition, it is also important to fulfill the criteria imposed by the organizers. On the day of the fight, boxers must also take a medical fitness visit and get the doctor’s green light. Likewise, they must display a compliant outfit.

Good to know

In the context of amateur boxing competitions (more specifically, in national championships and criteria), boxers have the obligation to register in the age category which corresponds to their year of birth.

Choose your boxing club well

As mentioned above, ideally, you have to turn to a boxing club for its practice. If you want to take full advantage of the benefits it brings. But still, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you have to choose the right club. In this perspective, several points must be taken into account in order to miss nothing of his decision:

  • Define your needs
  • Determine the style of boxing to practice
  • Check the reliability of the club
  • Ensure the quality of the support service, facilities and equipment made available

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