Who can make an apartment plan?

Who can make an apartment plan?

How to make your house plan ? How to draw a house plan ? Before starting construction work on a house, it is necessary to carry out your plan on paper. The development of the house plan is a crucial step in a real estate project. The plan allows to shape the construction. If its conception seems easy, its realization is not as convenient. Indeed, the house plan is produced by an architect or a professional designer and serves as an essential support for all the professionals who will build the house, whether it be workers, site managers or masons. Several questions may arise in drawing up plans. Find out how to draw your own construction plan or entrust the production to an architect as well as the prices of house and apartment plans.

What is a plan of a house ?

A house plan, or architect plan, is a graphical representation on a certain scale of a construction. It is generally a paper on which a house or an apartment is drawn with the precise dimensions of the work. The house plan also indicates the position of the openings, the load-bearing walls, the situation on the ground, … What are the different types of plans to draw ? The house plans consist of several elements including the mass plan of the construction, the plan of facades which models the general architecture of the house or even the plan of cutting of the ground for example.

The interest of the house plan is multiple. First, the architect’s plan is mandatory to apply for a building permit. Then, the house plan will allow to estimate and calculate precisely the cost of the construction works. Finally, the house plan will guide site managers and all building professionals during the various works. Regarding the interest of the cutting plan, it allows to have a section view of the terrain and the house.

Free or paid house plan ?

To build a house, its modeling on a paper level or on a 3D plan is required. The construction plan makes it possible in particular to design, develop and decorate the house. But drawing a house plan or an apartment plan is not that simple. So who to turn to to establish the construction plans ? Ask for the advice of a professional or do it yourself with the plans on board ? Many individuals are asking the question, especially in the face of the high price of architectural plans. Indeed, establishing a plan for a house is not easy and relatively expensive. But there are solutions to make your house plan for free. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of free and paid house plans.

Make your house plan yourself

The house plan can be drawn without the intervention of an architect. The first method to make free house plans is to do it yourself. This solution may seem more complex, but a simple sketch may well give birth to a house. You can draw a house plan in hand or design a house plan using software. For the most modern of us, software such as Autocad, Sweethome3D or Architect Plan 3D is easy to access and available to all audiences.

Thus, it is often enough to download architectural software in order to model and draw on plan your house or apartment. With house plan software, it is possible to design the tailor-made plans for its future property, but also to develop and organize the interior. There is even software for 3D home plans and 3D architecture. Explanatory tutorials and videos are generally available to this software in order to take it well in hand, even before starting the realization of the plans.

To carry out your own construction plan, several stages are required: delimit the surface of the house, draw the facades and interior walls, make appear on paper all the rooms of the house. Then you have to plan the openings of the house: front door, interior doors and windows. The last step is to arrange your accommodation on plan, but this step is optional and will only help you with the layout of the parts and decoration. However, it is important to note that the personal development of a house plan is not without risk.

The advantages of a free house plan are therefore the accessibility of this method and its practicality (modeling in 3D, sharing house plans with friends, …). Designing your own house plan requires a minimum of basic knowledge in building, architecture and architectural drawing to hope to carry out this project. Otherwise, unpleasant surprises could arise during the construction of the building and the long-term safety of the inhabitants can be engaged.

It is also possible to download models to build a modern, traditional home on one level, for example. Some specialized sites such as Archionline allow you to browse, inspire or download architectural plans. These home plan sellers also offer advice and follow-up on your project by a professional. This solution is not expensive and above all, it is accessible to all individuals and offers a multitude of choices concerning the plans of architects.

Have an architect carry out his house plan

The second method to have a tailor-made house plan is to entrust its realization to an architect. For those with a substantial construction budget, consulting an architectural firm provides tailor-made and quality house plans. This professional will advise and guide you to plan the house of your dreams: modern, traditional house, wooden house or even a leveling foot.

Before embarking on the construction of your house, this architect will deal with all the characteristics of your project such as the configuration of your land, its location and your desires. His expertise will also provide you with a house that meets the main habitat standards and RT2012 (thermal regulations 2012). To find out more, discover all the architects’ prices.

The paid house plan option is also highly prized by individuals. If some people think that consulting a specialist could alter their own idea of the house, they are wrong. On the contrary, the consultant or the architect will give his opinion on the feasibility of the project and he could even make improvements to it. Its objective is to help you realize your wildest architectural ideas while remaining within the limits imposed by your budget.

Price of a tailor-made house plan

What a price for house plans ? How much does a tailor-made house plan cost ? A house plan makes it possible to build a house that comes straight out of our imagination.

For the construction of a tailor-made house, consulting a construction professional may be the best solution. But how much is the cost of a tailor-made house estimated ? Depending on the real estate market, the development of a tailor-made house plan can be between 2% and 3% of the total cost of construction. Thus, the establishment of quotes is done taking into account the different taxes and charges that will be part of the development of the house plan. Discover the prices of house plans according to the types of construction.

Price of a plan for modern and contemporary house

What a price for modern house plans ? With its modern, varied and very trendy forms, houses with a contemporary style are often desired. Despite the high number of companies promoting this type of construction, the price remains for the least. The price of a contemporary house costs between € 90,000 and € 200,000. By counting, the price of a plan for a contemporary house with 2 bedrooms with a bathroom is between 2,300 € to 2,700 €. If the 2% or 3% stipulated in the preparation of plans is taken into account according to the total cost of construction (taxes and taxes included therefore).

Price of a plan for a wooden house

What is the cost of a plan for a wooden house ? Like all houses, the price of a fully wooden construction is varied depending on the type of material and the technique used. Indeed, solid wood houses are extremely expensive compared to simple constructions made with basic planks. In this context, entrepreneurs each have their styles and working methods. Thus, the price will vary according to the type of manufacturer requested. But in general, the price of a wooden house plan varies between 2,700 € to 3,000 € or even more for large and sometimes complex houses.

To build the detached house that meets your needs and desires, making a tailor-made house plan is mandatory. Discover the method for drawing a custom house plan.

Plan price for traditional house

What is the price of traditional house plans ? Regarding traditional houses, the price of developing the plan is very relative because it depends on the style desired by the owner. The concern with traditional constructions is that we must refer to house plans dating from another era. Sometimes the work is subject to conflicts between technology and traditional methods. But in general, the plan for a contemporary house costs around 2,000 € minimum and could go up to 3,000 €.

Home plan forecourt

Now that you know the average prices for making a house plan, you can request house plan quotes to accurately calculate the cost of a house plan and plan designers. The quotes are free and without commitment, so you can ask for quotes to compare the prices of house plans made by architects near your home. This is the best solution to get tailor-made prices compared to your construction project. To have quotes from a house plan, simply fill out the form below.

Contact an architect to carry out a house plan

After consulting the different types of houses most popular according to the price of their plans, the question that remains is: how and who to consult to develop the said plans ? The first and simplest solution is to consult the internet. Indeed, currently, there are many websites that offer plans and even quotes for house construction and all that for free. Buying an online house plan saves money but is not compatible with building an atypical or tailor-made house.

But the problem when choosing is chosen is the quality that is not guaranteed and the margins of error that are often frequent. Then there are also websites that sell online plans for only € 15 to € 30 a piece. However, these plans are too ordinary and lack originality. Finally, the safest remains the consultation of a specialist, a manufacturer or a designer architect. Not only will the quality of work be much better but also safer. It is up to everyone to see which manufacturer to consult, once again, it is only a matter of preference.

We advise you to call on an architect to build your house. Despite the high cost of an architect to draw a house plan, it is recommended to entrust the plan of a house to this professional. In addition, he may take charge of the building permit application and all administrative documents.

Draw a custom house plan or make a house plan yourself. Find out how to make and draw a house plan or an apartment plan easily.

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