What is the best free floor plan software for Mac?

What is the best free floor plan software for Mac?

You build, move or refurbish ? Before embarking on the work, make way for reflection. To be done we have selected for you the best architecture and layout software.

Whether you have a big or a small home, the important thing is to feel good there. Sometimes it doesn’t take much, and sometimes it goes through a much more expensive long-term project. Anyway, whether it is a move, a layout or redevelopment, to review the decoration of the living room, to redo the kitchen, to imagine its future construction or the house of its dreams, the realization of a support, working documents and plans is essential.

Better still, it is today within everyone’s reach to imagine and model on computer or tablet, in 3 dimensions, a building inside and outdoors, to transpose the plans of its apartment and to move the partitions or even to simply change its place furniture. Here is a selection of free software and some mobile applications to have on hand to make your dreams a reality.

If reviewing the decoration of the house or redoing the kitchen does not necessarily require being a professional, designing the plans for his future house or an extension obeys many technical and legal rules . So think of having your project validated by an architect so as not to end up with a stamped house .

Let’s start this selection with software adapted to small-scale development or construction projects. Ideals to review the decoration of the house or create a draft architectural project, they are quick to take in hand, even for novices.

SketchUp is a recognized tool in the world of architecture and the free version is a real gem allowing in particular to very easily create models for Google Earth, for architecture and animation. A success !

We will start with Sketchup Make, known as before its takeover in 2012.

This free 3D modeling software is somewhat out of the ordinary. Although its use is not exclusively reserved there, it is very well suited to external and interior architecture projects. More than for high precision works, the application is frequently used by architects for their drafts, or for the modeling of 3D buildings .

The interface, very refined, is relatively quick to take in hand, the user works directly in 3D view thanks to simple tools (rotation, extrusion, displacement, resizing…), which may initially confuse people accustomed to more conventional 3D software. A lively help window will help those who find themselves lost.

Once quickly with the software, the user will be able to simply draw the different pieces of his project and incorporate a whole panoply of furniture, household appliances, architectural elements or other various objects selected from a huge database fed by the works of ‘a very large community. It will also be possible to create and share one’s own creations.

The application proposes to browse the list of many available plug-ins and install them in a few clicks. In addition, the software supports most of the most commonly used image, video or 3D file extensions, both import and export.

Note that the commercial use of this free program is not authorized. To do this, you will have to acquire the pro, paid version.

Appearances are sometimes misleading, with a clean, almost simplistic interface, Sketchup Make is however a complete solution to give volume to its architectural and interior design projects.

Free and portable, Archifacile is a practical solution offering the possibility of easily creating, imagining and drawing the plans of an apartment. In the making, this 500 ko application is to be discovered and followed with attention !

To draw the standard plans of a house or an apartment quickly and in all simplicity, ArchiFacile is the tool to have in its logitheque. Free and portable, the application is ultralight: just over 500 KB !

The minimalist, even a little austere, interface effectively guarantees immediate ownership. The user will start by tracing the walls with a raised hand, adding doors, windows and other openings and will eventually add various objects to enhance his plan.

The software will also display the dimensions of the elements, calculate the surface of the parts (which it will be possible to name), highlight the construction errors and allow to choose the colors of the different objects.

Unfortunately, registration can only be done online, after a quick registration from the software, which also offers to export the plan in PDF format. This registration will also allow you to share your creations with the user community.

ArchiFacile to use, the software is anything but a gas factory. It certainly does not have very advanced functionalities, but will do its job very well, namely to create plans with ease for the drafting of architectural and development projects.

Many brands of equipment and furniture offer their design tools, such as for example. Cuiclic is developed by, the first French brand of young housing furniture. The software proposes to design a kitchen in several stages, then to establish a forecast estimate for the cost of the works.

The interface is clear and easy to take in hand. The first step is to choose, in a fairly basic way, the shape of the room. Then place the windows, doors and all technical elements such as sockets, water points or radiators.

In the next step, you will need to select a cooking style from the manufacturer’s catalog. Then, the software will generate a three-dimensional view of fairly good kitchen bill and will offer different types of furniture and equipment locations.

Then comes the stage of the choice of equipment and furniture among the manufacturer’s catalog, and a finishing stage, during which details such as handles, work plan or bases are chosen. The last step allows you to choose the type of floor and wall covering. The kitchen thus rethought the user will, of course, be able to save the project, edit a quote, print it and go to the store.

Although it is developed by a particular brand, Cuiclic is good software allowing, at a minimum, to imagine the type of kitchen adapted to the space available in its accommodation.

Free software and in French which has absolutely nothing to envy to paid software ! In addition to being efficient, 3D renderings are of remarkable quality. This software is essential to arrange its interior and exterior on a house, an apartment or a building.

To complete this selection of mainstream software, it was impossible to ignore Sweet Home 3D

This free software, available in French and without advertising, makes it possible to design the plans of a house, an apartment or simply to review the layout of these.

The interface is intuitive and very easy to take in hand. To begin with, the application proposes to trace the walls: straight, rounded, underpending, all the austerity options are in the game. Then, the user will continue by placing the doors, windows and other openings, it will then remain to place the various furniture and equipment, by a simple drag and drop.

The plan may be approved by information such as ratings, surface and other descriptive texts. In addition, it is possible to add additional levels or basements and to modify the orientation of the building.

Sweet Home 3D has a catalog of widely supplied objects grouped by themes: doors, windows, furniture, lights, appliances, baths, stairs, radiators, etc. : everything is there ! Each object is customizable, it will be possible to resize it, to choose the color and the texture. This collection can be enriched by downloading new elements and even creating new ones with 3D software like Blender, or even importing new textures.

During the design of the plan, the software displays the 3D view of the latter, the rendering being fairly good. It is possible to position oneself in an aerial, interior view, to record points of view, to create photos with different rendering qualities or even a video by recording a virtual visit route. The application proposes to export the plan in PDF, the 3D model in OBJ format, the videos in MOV and of course to print everything.

Sweet Home 3D has everything to please: free, very easy to take in hand even for novices and a wide variety of options and objects make it essential in its field.

Let us continue this selection with more “ beefy” software, for larger projects and a result closer to the work of a true architect. This software is commonly used by professionals, while remaining free, something rare in this sector. Who says more elaborate software necessarily says a more difficult takeover.

As a result, unless you are an aficionado de la (CAO), prepare to spend time in the help and other tutorials that circulate on the web.

The technical drawing is made accessible to you in a simple and efficient way thanks to the QCad application of RibbonSoft. It allows you to design complex two-dimensional (2D) drawings. The type of application can be varied: plan of a building, interior, mechanical part, etc. It is also possible to design a large number of diagrams and diagrams.

QCad, two-dimensional free software (DAO), is frequently used in place of the famous and very expensive AutoCad. This application will make it possible to carry out all technical drawings, building plan and other diagrams in professional quality.

QCad has a large number of functionalities such as multilayer drawings, group management, policies to ISO standards, a metric and imperial system, the possibility of printing on a scale, more than 40 construction tools, more than 20 modification tools, addition of quotes… It will be possible to handle points, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, splines and many others. The software makes it possible to save projects in DXF format which is recognized by a large number of DAO / CAO software

The interface, rather well thought out and quick to take charge (for basic functions) is suitable for professional use. The main drawing and measurement tools are grouped by type on the left palette of the interface and the layers and blocks are grouped on the right. At the bottom of the interface is a control prompt.

QCad is free and efficient software for the creation of technical drawings and plans. With a clear and well thought out interface, it nevertheless remains reserved for experienced users. Fortunately, there are many tutorials on the internet and the active forum on the publisher’s website even has a section reserved for French speakers.

In the same vein, let’s continue with DraftSight, a 2D design software signed Dassault Systèmes allowing to carry out plans and technical drawings of excellent quality. Strong point of the software: support for DWG (AutoCad) and DXF .. documents

We find all the basic functionalities: drawing of lines, circles, arcs, polygons, splines, the most common modification tools, layers, a Cartesian coordinate system, or the use of quotes. Note that the application also has several modes of view, a script executor and a control window.

Visually, although the style of is very present, the software will not pay too much for AutoCad users. With a clear and relatively fast interface to take in hand for basic functions, the software is available in French and includes very complete help headings.

DraftSight is a very good alternative to paid solutions for all your building plans.

LibreCAD, formerly, is a free and open source computer-aided drawing software in 2D. It is also an interesting alternative to paid solutions like AutoCad. This software is all intended for carrying out construction documentation, technical plans, buildings and diagrams for professionals.

LibreCad has many functionalities: all current construction and modification tools such as points, segments, circles, arc of a circle or ellipses, but also more advanced like polynomial curves of degrees 1 to 3. In addition, the application supports group and tracing management, the DXF format and can also export projects in vector (EPS) and bitmap (PNG and JPG) format. Finally, the software has a plug-in system.

Its well thought out and easy to take in hand interface includes a panel of construction and modification tools, a sign dedicated to layers, another dedicated to blocks and a control prompt. One of the strengths of the application is that it enjoys a large community of dedicated users. Many “hacks”, tutorials and tips and tricks are thus available on the web.

LibreCad is a good free and free alternative for computer-aided 2D design and the community that supports it is one of its greatest qualities.

Blender is a suite of 3D modeling and rendering tools. This software has a fairly special destiny insofar as it started from a private project which was “resold” to the Open-source community following a call from the publishing company which no longer had the means to continue its development . The 100,000 euros requested by the publisher were raised in less than seven weeks thanks to the contribution of thousands of people.

Since the previous computer-aided design tools only manage 2D, it seemed essential to us to complete this selection of professional solutions with a 3D tool

Blender, certainly the best known software in this section, is free modeling software, animation and 3D rendering which does not have to fade against its paying competitors like for example, all the more so since unlike the latter, the application only needs to a lesser extent a “muscular” configuration to operate. If, at the base, this application is not strictly speaking intended for architecture or development, it is nevertheless used by many professional architects. Indeed, Blender allows a lot of freedom compared to classic solutions for architecture.

The interface is quite complex but may be personalized according to the habits of the user. The software supports the management of a certain number of modeling techniques, such as polygonal, surface subdivision, Bézier curves, NURBS surfaces, metaballs and digital sculpture, advanced lighting processing etc., the list is very long. The on-board scripting language, based on the python, provides access to a large number of functions.

Question rendered, whether in animations or in fixed images, the quality is simply exceptional. The tool also manages a large number of file formats, both for import and for export. Finally, Blender enjoys an important active community which will be of great help in progress.

Ideal for giving volume to architecture and development projects, this free software with impressive renderings must have a place in the library of all (apprentices) architects.

If there was a time when construction took little account of the consideration of insulation as the energy was so cheap, the costs and the mentalities today changed. The materials, climate, environment and energy performance of buildings are now, and fortunately, of quite another importance when building is constructed or repaired.

While still obscure for many, the following tools will allow everyone to carry out their calculations in order to move towards the energy optimization of their home.

Archimist will allow you to carry out an advanced thermal balance of your project. Free, the software presents two main functionalities: the creation of building plans and the calculation of their energy performance.

The creation of the plan is relatively simple: tracing of the walls, addition of the doors and windows, arrangement of the heating system and the radiators. During this design phase, it will be necessary to indicate the nature of the materials used for construction among a very important list and to specify the orientation of the building. The software will then be responsible for calculating the power balance and the energy balance in real time, all accompanied by an energy performance diagram.

The application also makes it possible to configure many factors such as, among other things, air circulation rates, the characteristics of your heating system (type, energy, efficiency…), the use of the building (housing, office, commerce…), location or altitude.

The refined interface is very easy to take in hand, the visual rendering of the plans is pleasant. The software finally allows you to print the plan as well as share it with the user community.

Combining tools for creating plans and thermal and energy balances, Archimist is good software for evaluating the performance of his home.

CassSc, acronym for “”, developed by, is a good complement to because it also makes it possible to determine the energy savings achieved thanks to the installation of a combined solar system (hot water + heating).

Available on for Windows and OS X, the software proposes to describe a housing in a simplified way: surfaces, type of walls, type of floor, ceiling, type of insulation, or even the type of heating. Many factors are configurable, such as location of the building, altitude, living space, intercourse with another building, ventilation, type of heating, etc.

The software will then present very detailed results in real time in the form of energy performance and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission tables and diagrams, indicating (at the bottom of the interface) the energy savings that ‘it is possible to achieve with a combined solar system.

CassSc calculates the energy performance of a home as well as the energy savings achievable through the installation of a combined solar system. The results presented are very complete, but can however prove to be complex to exploit for novices for which some explanations will be gleaned from the web.

Free software for simulating heating and air conditioning consumption is not legion. Presenting results worthy of a design office and taking into account environmental factors, let’s finish with KoZiBox.

The application makes it possible to configure a large number of factors: simulation period, albedo, location, orientation of the building, volume, ventilation, but also construction materials, type of window or even exposure.

Once all the factors have been determined, all that remains is to start the calculations. The results are divided into two parts. On the left the temperature variations over the chosen period, as well as the power and energy required to regulate the temperature of the building. On the right are many graphs from which it will be possible to export the data to a file. Thanks to the consideration of many factors, the software provides very precise and complete results. On the other hand, the relatively unsightly interface would require serious refreshment.

Despite an interface to be reviewed, KoZiBox does its job by providing very complete consumption simulation results. As competition in this area is almost non-existent, especially free of charge, this software is essential.

Let’s end this selection with mobile applications which, if they cannot, of course, replace the software mentioned above, will prove to be complementary.

They can indeed help you to draw up drafts of your plans, take the dimensions of parts, choose one or more paint colors or even assess the quantities of materials necessary for the work.

MagicPlan produces plans for your home on mobile. Tracing these can sometimes be long and tedious on a mobile medium. To remedy this, this free and innovative application makes it possible to take measurements of the parts of your accommodation using the telephone camera and to automatically generate the plans, all in a few minutes.

The interface is clear and very easy to take in hand. Just position yourself in the center of the room and turn on yourself while taking a picture of all the corners of the room.

Once the measurements are made, the application automatically generates the plan of the part. The strongest thing is that the room does not have to be empty to perform the measurements. It is possible to adjust the dimensions of the room for a result more in line with reality, and to add some furniture to the plan. After several pieces have been “mapped”, it will then be possible to assemble them to obtain the plan of the whole floor and to export the latter to PDF or JPG formats

Little regrettable defect: the exported plans include a very unsightly watermark “”, you will have understood, you will have to pay to get rid of it.

MagicPlan is an innovative application that will even allow novices to generate plans for their home in a few minutes.

Floor Plan Creator, considered by many to be the Android equivalent of, will generate your home plans in a jiffy.

The interface is sober and easy to take in hand. It is possible to add predefined forms of parts or to draw them by show of hands, to add furniture, doors or windows.

Like, it will be possible to take the measurements of the parts of your accommodation using the telephone camera and automatically generate the plans. Just position yourself in the center of the room and turn on yourself while taking a picture of all the corners of the room. The operation is very fast and works well, even without moving the furniture. It will then remain to assemble the various pieces thus “mapped” to obtain the plan of the whole floor, then to export the latter in JPG format

As with its competitor on iOS, the exported plans include a watermark “”, however relatively discreet, it will be necessary; there too, pay to get rid of it.

Floor Plan Creator will quickly and easily create the plans for your home.

During decoration work, finding the right paint color and good harmonies is sometimes a challenge. With Color Design of, a renowned paint maker, finding the right paint color will no longer be a concern. With a clear and easy-to-take interface, the application offers several interesting functionalities.

First of all, it will be possible, from a photo, to find the color match among the manufacturer’s color books. To do this, simply take a photo or choose a previously saved one and point an area to find the desired color. Once the reference has been identified, the application can also suggest the color harmonies adapted and record everything in the favorites. It is also possible to consult directly all the eight numbers of the brand.

Of course, once the color chosen, the application will propose to locate, among the very many points of sale, the one closest to you. Difficult to blame it on the brand which offers a simple and effective tool.

Once the paint colors have been chosen it would be interesting to know how much will be required to repaint your parts. Castorama makes your projects easier, as its full name suggests, will do a lot of service.

The most interesting feature of the application is called “”. It will be possible to determine the quantity of materials necessary for your work. How much paint to repaint the kitchen ? But also, how much wire mesh does it take to make an enclosure around the garden ? Or how much tiles for the bathroom ? Terrace, fences, floors, walls, hood, heating, everything is there.

The interface is quite intuitive, it is first necessary to choose the shape of the part, surface, works area, then to specify the dimensions of the latter. It is then possible to add windows, doors or gates, the application then calculates the needs for paint, wallpaper, slabs, cobblestones or even screws !

The application also offers a wide variety of explanatory videos in the fields of works and decoration. It will also be possible to locate the points of sale closest to you. Castorama also provided a bubble level, a barcode and QR-code scanner and access to the brand catalog.

A real tool kit, Castorama will help throughout the work and it would be a mistake to miss this free application.

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