Top 10 residential proxy services: Fast and clean?

Top 10 residential proxy services: Fast and clean?

Internet access is no longer limited to where you are, you just need to have an appropriate and stable proxy service and a residential proxy provider. At, we provide the best quality residential proxy services to meet your needs.

The positive fact of our service is that it does not require special modifications to the existing system, but that it can easily operate on any machine.

There are several types of proxy servers and ours are fairly reliable. Check out the best free proxies here.

Some provide direct access by surfing the net, while others provide access from the user’s computer machine.

To avoid numerous hassles and technical problems, users are looking for residential proxy services. To find out more, click here.

The most reliable and used residential proxy services for the current year 2020.

1. ScrapingPass :

  • ScrapingPass is a hosted API that extracts data from websites. The main idea of ScrapingPass was to allow programmers to build “scraping bots” – applications that automatically extract information from other websites.
  • This can be done in several ways, but we have found that most of them are too complicated. We have experienced website scratching.
  • We have built our own tool that extracts information from books. It’s not easy. It is difficult to reach coding standards and to operate your code.
  • Instead of having to write your own framework for web scratching, you can use ScrapingPass which takes on all the weight necessary to send HTTP queries, analyze HTML responses and structure the data.


  • Provides residential proxy services, user-agent rotation, and captcha resolution for almost all techniques. It is very comfortable to use and very affordable.
  • In this package, there are at least 5,000 proxies present that operate in most parts of this world. It will be easy to get up to 10,000 fresh, clean and error-free proxies every day.
  • Any type of proxy service is available to you, from email scraping to other techniques that are not publicly disclosed on the web

2. Luminati :

If you are trying to consider the greatest number of proxies, Luminati is in the lead. The presence of an impressive 72 million residential IP addresses makes it very popular and, therefore, is one of the most reliable residential proxy services.

Its user base is quite large since it serves around 200 nations around the world.


  • The price range of their service includes a moderate residential proxy, as well as the high prices of mobile proxies. If the user wants to buy something cheap, data center proxy is also available.
  • Since it has many proxy identifiers and serves many countries, this service is ideal and trustworthy.
  • They have the LPM or the Luminati Proxy Manager. It is a platform that the user must have to access their services.
  • For data center PIs, the rate is $ 0.60 / IP or $ 0.10 / GB of data. Similarly, for residential static PIs, the amount is $ 20 / GB or $ 0.50 / IP

3. Smartproxy :

The most widely used tool for scratching leading websites is SmartProxy.

  • It is one of the residential proxy services that operate on the rotation method.
  • The proxy will allow any of its users to collect the data they need using a wide range of proxies. They do not depend on the use of millions of agents.
  • The most special quality of their service is that it does not require a change in the user system and that it would operate easily on any desired machine.

Smart proxy

Here are some of its characteristics.


  • The best part of SmartProxy is that it has a very user-friendly platform and dashboard. SmartProxy customer service takes approximately 5 minutes to meet user demand.
  • The average response time of the service is approximately 3.1s.
  • Each user has the option of choosing a rotating session or a sticky session lasting approximately 10 minutes.
  • There are many types of plans, starting with the $ 75 Micro plan that will provide access to the entire collection of 10 million proxies. This plan will traffic worth 5GB

4. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is another trusted residential proxy service provider that has existed for many years. It has provided excellent customer support, available 24 hours a day, as well as reliable and first-rate services.


Here are some of the many features of this service.


  • It provides residential proxies which are both static and rotary in nature, as well as the PIs of dedicated data centers.
  • OxyLab is made up of a fairly large collection of IPs, which includes around 30 million IPs, which is quite a number.
  • In addition to proxy servers, it provides services such as SEO monitoring and scraping tools that can help the user in many ways.
  • The price includes packages of $ 180 / month, $ 800 / month, $ 1,500 / month and $ 6,000 / month which include IPs and unlimited domains.

5. MicroLeaves :

Based in the UK, MicroLeaves offers 3 different types of proxies which include shared, remote connection and dedicated varieties.

The method used by the supplier consists in creating a type of VPN or virtual proxy network. This is done to ensure that the user feels safe from a completely different situation.

Ultimately, it will therefore be difficult for the filter to locate the user.


Here are other features of the service provider.


  • MicroLeaves consists of a huge collection of 26 million proxies, which is huge, as well as a 3-day repayment guarantee.
  • The platform is known to support most Internet protocols, including HTTP, HTTP, SOCKS 4 and also SOCKS 5.
  • Another interesting and provocative thing about the service provider is that it provides unlimited bandwidth at no additional cost.
  • The price of the service as specified by the platform includes packages ranging from $ 124.50 to $ 24,999.99. These packages correspond to the budget and the objective of the user with whom he wishes to buy the services.

6. Storm proxies :

Users who seek proxy services at favorable prices use Storm Proxies.

There are about 70,000 proxies that are much fewer. The fact is that the IP address servers that are present in the service are located in the United States and Europe, but the exact location is unknown.

Service prices are quite low and therefore suitable for low-budget companies.

The characteristics of Storm Proxies are as follows.


  • The interface and dashboard are easy to access and interpret.
  • Access to services is given immediately after payment.
  • The catch is that each package offers unlimited bandwidth without any limits.
  • Storm Proxies services pricing includes packages worth $ 50 / month, $ 90 / month, $ 160 / month, and also, packages of $ 300 / month.

7. GeoSurf :

The GeoSurf proxy is a highly functional plug-in that is supported by GeoSurf servers.

  • The best part is that by using the GeoSurf service, you can implement your activity without too many problems and at a faster rate than before.
  • The scope of the platform services is good and is located in around 120 countries and around thirty DMAs
  • Services include smartphone connections, direct connection APIs and much more.
  • They provide HTTP (S) protocols, but not SOCKS protocols

Here are some other features offered by GeoSurf,


  • GeoSurf is fast and, moreover, the service it provides is efficient and reliable.
  • It has more than 2 million IP addresses in around 130 countries, but the downside is that it does not support the SOCK protocol and only supports the HTTP (S) protocol.
  • In addition, there are many payment options, which makes it very easy to use.
  • GeoSurf’s service price starts at around $ 300 a month and can go up to over $ 1,000.

8. NetNut :

NetNut is another reliable proxy server that has gained user confidence in recent history.

It will help any user to overcome navigation restrictions by making browser users collaborate with their proxy services.

This will give users the anonymity they deserve and need to serve the internet without having to worry about being watched.


Let’s take a look at some of the features of its residential proxy services.


  • NetNut’s main advantage is that it takes its IPs directly from Internet service providers (ISPs), which makes it very fast.
  • While the stability and quality of performance comes from the IP addresses of the data centers, the discretion they provide comes from residential IP addresses which offer great choice to users.
  • Another big feature of NetNut is that it has the distinction of adding a Google Chrome extension and it will therefore be very easy for any user to change supplier quickly while surfing the net.
  • Prices range from $ 300 to $ 3,500 and a 10 To master plan is included.

9. Blazing Proxies :

The Blazing Proxies service is quite good with instant delivery functions while the IP connection of the service provider is approximately 8000 IPS

It currently allows research in approximately 9 different countries, the main ones being the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany. In addition to being fast, it is cheaper. New businesses and low-budget people can register.


Here are some features of the residential proxy services of Blazing Proxies.


  • The speed provided by Blazing Proxies is amazing and goes up to about 1 GB / sec.
  • The services support protocols such as HTTP, HTTP5, and also, SOCKS protocols
  • There is also a 10% affiliation program.
  • Prices start at around $ 2.50 for semi-dedicated services. For dedicated proxies, suppliers charge $ 6 and for rotary proxies, the price is set at $ 11.

10. Crawlera :

Crawlera is another popular proxy service provider that offers lucrative prices as well as an excellent IP collection pool. It has provided rotary proxy servers for years and therefore enjoys the confidence of many users.

Some of Crawlera’s residential proxy services:


  • Consists of around 20 million IPs that are present in 12 geo-locations around the world.
  • The big part is that it is one of the very few suppliers who offer free test rotary proxy.
  • The presence of residential proxy, as well as mobile proxy and data center proxy, has reduced the use of prohibited proxy.
  • The price is moderate and is around $ 99 / month, $ 349 / month and also, $ 999 per month.

Here is what we offer:

The fact is that in the end, when it comes to choosing, there are many pricing plans, and users have to choose based on their purpose and budget.

Speed and anonymity are also very important for purchasing the services of a residential proxy service provider.

In the fast world we live in, internet use is increasing day by day and monitoring of navigation data is not the responsibility of anyone.

It is therefore necessary to use the services of a residential proxy service provider.

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