Make your house plan: Here’s how to make it happen yourself?

Make your house plan: Here’s how to make it happen yourself?

House-plains are easier to achieve .

  1. Set a budget. …
  2. Orient your building well. …
  3. Opt for a suitable implantation. …
  4. Choose the style of architecture. …
  5. Distribute the living space. …
  6. Provide interior and exterior planning. …
  7. Remember to provide openings. …
  8. Standards to be met.

so what kind of house costs the least ?

Prefabricated houses are cheaper than conventional houses

  • Equipment and materials.
  • The workforce, much cheaper in the factory than on the site.

That said, How to make a house plan without an architect ?

As part of a construction without an architect, you can arrange your authorization request yourself. It is also possible to consult a professional to accompany you. The use of a surveyor can help you to take over the measures before the arrival of the master work.

Then How to make a house front plan ? Here is a list of elements that the facade plan must include :

  1. facade and roof drawing of the house to be built or modified.
  2. side in 3 dimensions.
  3. annotate the materials and colors (RAL) to be used in front and in roof.
  4. indicate the separative limits.

What is the most economical construction ?

Have a house on the floor built

For the same reasons, building a house on the floor is by far the most economical way to create habitable m². Imagine a house on a level of 100 m² of 10 m by 10 m (40 linear meters), it will take 100 m² of insulated concrete slab, roof, frame …

on the other hand What a new house for 150,000 euros ?

Plan an average budget of 1100 euros per m2.

Count between 100,000 and 150,000 euros for a traditional house with an area of around 100m2, excluding the purchase of land.

How to build your house on a small budget ?

How to build your house on a small budget ?

  1. Choose the right land to build. Before you even start developing your home, choose your land carefully. …
  2. Have several quotes made. …
  3. Go for a compact plan with floors. …
  4. Design a bioclimatic house. …
  5. Do the finishing yourself.

What a maxi surface without an architect ?

When you lay down a building permit to enlarge an existing construction, you are not obliged to use an architect if the floor area or the footprint after work does not exceed 150 m².

How to avoid going through an architect ?

How to avoid the use of an architect ?

  1. The applicant files a first building permit below the threshold for compulsory use by the architect (less than 150 m² of floor area).
  2. The Building Permit obtained, this first building permit is valid for 2 or 3 years.

Which validates the plans of a house ?

Beyond 150 m² without the walls, validation of the plan of your house by an architect is compulsory.

What software for facade plan ?

With ArchiFacile you can draw a facade plan like a plan in view of it. The facade plan is not automatically produced according to the top plan. You have a door and front window library to place on your plan.

How to cost a facade ?

  1. The necessary information.
  2. Take the measurements and carry them over to the 1/100 scale.
  3. Trace facades and walls.
  4. Draw all parts and openings.
  5. Add details to each room.
  6. Call on an architect.
  7. Can you build your house using your plans ?

How to arrange the bedroom ?

If your room is small, choose a bed with integrated storage instead to be able to decrease the size of the cabinet and gain in place and brightness. If the budget is not there, place your wardrobe behind the bedroom front door (if possible).

What is the name of a person who makes plans ?

The architect works alone or in an architectural firm. To save money, you can request realization apart from bodies of state other than structural work: plumbing, electricity, etc.

How do you call someone who draws well ?

designer. Person who draws, one who makes it his job.

What does T-ON call the one who draws ?

A designer (feminine: a designer) is a person practicing drawing.

Who can replace an architect ?

The prime contractor (including the architect) is completely independent of the artisans. You contract with him with a master’s contract. It ensures the design, administrative procedures, technical studies and monitoring of artisans on your behalf and in your exclusive interest.

Who can provide me with a mass plan ?

Downloading a cadastral plan free of charge is possible with the cadastre site: The point is that the cadastral extract partly allows you to carry out a mass plan.

How to make a plan on Excel ?

Simply click the Group button arrow in the Plan> Automatic map group. Create an Excel plan with subtotals It is also possible to simultaneously create subtotals and plans.

How to draw a plan to scale ?

What is the scale of the plan ? We want to know how much 1 cm on the plane represents cm in reality (reduction scale). If 12 cm represents 300 m, or 30,000 cm, then 1 cm represents 30,000 cm ÷ 12 cm, or 2,500 cm.

How to make a mass plan ?

The mass plan must show: The location and size of existing constructions on the ground. The location and size of the planned constructions. The parts of the land that will be dug to build the planned constructions.

How to draw a ground plan to scale ?

The scale of the plan and the orientation, indicating the north. The scale must be between 1/50 and 1/500. Where were the two photos of the field (PC7 and PC8) to attach to the file.

How to make a 1,200 scale plan ?

on the plane, corresponds to an actual distance of 200 cm (same unit of measurement), that is to say 2m (conversion). 1 cm on the plane = 2 m real.

How to calculate to scale ?

We want to know how much 1 cm on the plane represents cm in reality (reduction scale). If 12 cm represents 300 m, or 30,000 cm, then 1 cm represents 30,000 cm ÷ 12 cm, or 2,500 cm.

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