Inner architecture software: how to choose in 2020?

Inner architecture software: how to choose in 2020?

Nowadays to become an interior decorator or decorator, it is no longer worth knowing how to draw or having prior knowledge ! Many software and applications exist, which allow you to have fun modeling the whole house or building or just doing interior dressing and furnishing. We have selected the 5 best interior decoration software for you. Whether you are a professional or an individual who wishes to renovate their accommodation, you will be able to imagine the whole project before embarking on the work !

And if you want to go further and become an interior decorator or decorator, either in a hobby or as part of a professional retraining, you can follow our Interior Decoration training, in the evening or online. Our training is certified and eligible My Training Account. You can therefore finance it with your rights to vocational training and you will have nothing to pay.

We have compiled more info on My Training Account in our article My Training Account 近 How it works

Interior decoration software 近 the 5 best software


is online software, no need for download

There is a free test version that allows you to complete your first 3 projects. Knowing that the free version contains less functionality. One of the advantages of HomeByMe is that it is very easy to take in hand.

There is a community whose projects you can view to inspire yourself for yours. It works with tabs on which it is enough to click to select walls, doors, windows … You can also modify dimensions and orientation.

Navigation is also easy because all the furniture is classified into different categories: bathroom, kitchen, living room … and is very easy to find. The software contains a good choice of furniture and colors and in addition these are real objects that you can buy !

You can of course add a staircase to go up to the upper floor. The library of objects is however a little less provided with regard to stairs but you will find one for sure ! As soon as you go to the dressing and the furnishings, HomeByMe goes by itself in 3D. And what is great is that you can simulate that you are in the project, what is called “views in the first person” ! You can walk around your project and really realize how it will be when it is completed.

The only limit in terms of design is that it is not possible to draw curved walls.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is open source software that can either be downloaded to a computer or used online. It is Mac, PC, Linux and Solaris compatible

The Sweet Home 3D interface is not its strongest point, but the software remains easy to use. It contains a large library of free 3D objects that can be imported into the software to do the simulations: stairs, tables, chairs, armchairs, comics, iron, everything is there ! and you can change the size of the objects.

For the rest, it works like other software, you create the walls, then the openings, the first floor and so on.

The specificity of Sweet Home 3D is that you can view the result in 3D or aerial view of what you draw in 2D, simultaneously in 2 separate windows. And you can draw curved walls !

You can create photos and also videos of your project and even change the color to simulate the rendering according to different hours of the day or night.

You can also add plug-ins to increase the functionality of the software.

Cedar Architect

Cedar Architect is a very fast application and contains high definition visuals for professional rendering.

It allows you to draw and model the interior, like the exterior and also to add a roof over the building.

It has a large gallery of objects for furnishing and fitting out which is regularly updated.

Cedar Architect allows photorealist shots and is used even by real estate professionals to develop goods before sale. It also has virtual visit functionality.

You can try Cedar Project for 15 days for free and carry out 3 projects. Then you pay monthly and can recharge your HD and Print visual account, in camera numbers for views at 360 °, depending on your needs.

Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher is also an application, compatible Apple and Android.

There is a free version but it is not very useful, the functionalities are too limited.

It offers the same possibilities for drawing a 2D plan and simulating in 3D as other software. The quality of the images returned and very good. It allows simulations at 360 ° and views at the first person. However, it does not allow the drawing of curved walls.

Room Sketcher’s strong point is its library of objects, furniture, wall and floor coverings … very well supplied.

It also has a very precise measurement function which makes it possible to really know how far the objects will be from each other and how to place them in relation to the openings, for example.


Sketchup is the most efficient and complete software and as often in these cases it is the most difficult to take in hand but it is by no means insurmountable ! It is very flexible and adapts to your needs.

Sketchup is aimed at amateurs as well as professionals and is not limited to the modeling of buildings and interior. Everything literally can be modeled in Sketchup. Some industrial designers use it, as well as carpenters for making furniture or landscapers.

In fact, it is offered under various packages and tariffs: personnel, professional, higher and primary / secondary education.

For walls and openings, it works differently from other software we told you about. You can draw them or import them from the SketchUp 3D warehouse. You can also download them from manufacturers’ websites.

The 3D warehouse is very complete, which greatly simplifies the creation of your projects.

You will understand, Sketchup is the best interior decoration software, and that is why it is the one we have chosen for our Interior Decoration training.

Our training is done in the evening classes, which can be very practical. We are one of the few schools to offer it. You are in small groups, never more than 7, which gives you the opportunity to ask all your questions to the professor, a professional expert in the field.

Online courses and exercises are available on our e-learning platform. You carry them out between the courses and advance your project while deepening your knowledge. The training is also available in full online and you keep the videos for life.

Thanks to eligibility My Training Account, you can finance your training with your rights to vocational training and not have to pay a penny !

In this tutorial you can see how it is possible to model the new interior decor of a living room from a photo in Sketchup

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