How to start boxing?

How to start boxing?

In recent years, there has been a craze around English boxing in France. Even if it is partly due to the magnificent Olympic course of our French boxers Tony Yoka, Estelle Mossely or Souleymane Cissokho, the search for well-being is more and more present in the minds of the French and boxing would be like a deflower of daily stress for many of them.

Indeed, even if boxing is still much perceived as a violent combat sport, it is making more and more followers who find in this complete sport many benefits for their body and their spirit. There have even been a greater number of licensees in recent years, especially in female boxing.

If you hesitate to join an English boxing club, we will try to convince you of this through 4 reasons why you should start boxing as soon as possible.

Boxing sculpts body and mind

Boxing can get you in shape quickly and efficiently. Whether physically or mentally, boxing is the perfect martial art to help you achieve your goals.

Boxing training can easily burn 700 calories per session, making it one of the most calorie-burning sports in a minimum of time. The intensity of a boxing training is such that you will still burn fat after the end of your boxing class.

You have certainly already dreamed of having the physical condition of a high-level athlete ? Boxing will be your best ally to begin your transformation. Indeed, the practice of boxing requires multiplying the sequences of punches which will only strengthen your muscles. And contrary to what one can sometimes think, English boxing which is not a foot-to-face boxing (as can be kick boxing, Thai muay or even French boxing savate) makes work all body muscles. Starting boxing is a real muscle building job that begins for you.

Abdominal, cardio, muscu, combinations of direct punches, hooks … you will chain the exercises for the good of your body.

By practicing boxing, you will get the complete package of having a strong, athletic, energetic and skinny body. Your bones are getting stronger and stronger. Tendons, ligaments and other tissues will also become stronger following regular training.

Boxing teaches you how to defend yourself

It is not said that you will be able to defend yourself like Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather, but regular training will allow you to know how to defend yourself and above all to know the areas that you must touch to get out of a threat.

Boxing reinforces this sense of security which also helps many people regain self-confidence. This sense of security goes beyond your own person since the people around you may also feel safe. Family, friends, children, what could be better than feeling that they can be defended in the event of a danger ?

Boxing is undoubtedly one of the best martial arts for self defense. It teaches and trains your mind to think and react quickly, giving you the athletic reflexes of a real fighter.

Boxing training will train your body and mind in combat science. This will give you an increased sense of conscience, preparing you to defend yourself at all times. Having the confidence that you can get out of a difficult situation gives you peace of mind.

Be careful, and we like to repeat it, boxing is a sport that is practiced in the boxing ring and according to defined rules. And not on the street ! So use boxing as a defense, not a means of attack. This goes against the values that this sport conveys.

Trying boxing is adopting it

The hardest part of starting this sport is walking through the door of a boxing club. And if you take this step, you have clearly done the hardest.

Contrary to what one can hear or say, boxing is a friendly sport. Taking shots and giving them (yes unfortunately, you will not be able to escape them) breaks down certain barriers and you will quickly see that the atmosphere is really good in the locker room at the end of training.

You will quickly see that you will also like the values of this sport. We like to mention 4 main ones:

  • Respect: it is a value that is found in many sports but it is even more true in a boxing gym. You will find people of all religions, all ages, different social categories … And yet you will not feel any difference. As we know, coaches are also very attentive to this value.
  • Courage: boxing is a demanding sport in which we take blows. We sometimes push our physical limits with really intensive training. It sometimes hurts, but we always get up. This sport builds our courage.
  • Humility: in boxing, no one is invincible. It is even common to see professionals in boxing halls, sometimes great champions, training with club members. It’s quite rare to see this in other sports.
  • Rigor: boxing is a demanding sport, especially physically. If you want to progress quickly, one watchword: rigor.

Boxing is a sport accessible to all

Whether you are a business owner, worker, employee, boxing breaks down the barriers of socio-professional categories. Why ? Simply because it is accessible to everyone at reasonable prices.

The boxing equipment needed to start this sport is really weak. You will still need at least :

  • Boxing gloves
  • Bandages
  • A mouth guard
  • A shell or chest protector

Optional: jump rope, boxing shoes

Annual subscriptions obviously depend on the boxing gym to which you will subscribe. We advise to ask to do a first try for free. Generally, boxing clubs and their coaches offer a first free trial session. However, to avoid the risk of a contraindication, a medical certificate will be compulsory.


As adults, we often complain about the lack of time for anything. One has the impression of being always busy with work and life. But if we take a step back, we realize that we really have time to devote to our health and our physical form.

Better yet, if you really can’t find the time, then take it. Because health is a wealth, and you will thank yourself for it. But we are sure that you will find it now.

In any case, you now have every reason to take your courage in both hands and to cross the course of the boxing gym. So go for boxing !!!

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