How to put on your boxing bands?

How to put on your boxing bands?

Boxing tapes: an essential for the boxer. Here is the main thing to know about why and how to put them.

It is not necessarily obvious if you have never used boxing bands, but they serve above all to protect your joints in the hand and wrist, preventing them from moving as much as possible during impact.

The hand and wrists are in great demand during boxing and it is absolutely necessary to take care of them. There are many small bones, ligaments and tendons to protect. The bands are used to keep them in place when typing.

They also have the advantage of protecting the skin of the strike zone, with repeated blows. As boxing is a complete exercise, which solicits cardio, you will necessarily sweat. The bands absorb sweating and thus preserve your boxing gloves.

The first video shows a “standard” bandage and is suitable for our 2.5 meter model. These bands are intended for lighter use, separate touch type. The most important thing with this technique is to wrap the bands around the right areas, that is, the wrist, the strike zone and around the thumb.

The second video shows a “crossed” bandage, which is suitable for our 4-meter model. It is a model that offers much more support, preventing the joints from moving at the maximum during impact and which therefore allows for more leaning. Passing the strips between each finger allows each joint in the strike zone to be kept in place.

The most important thing when you put your bands is to find the right tension to keep the joints in place. Not tight enough and the bands will not hold up, too tight and the bands will be uncomfortable and can interfere with the circulation of blood. It is completely normal not to get there the first time. We all experience it. Hold on tight ! You will eventually find the right tension for you.

To fully understand the two ways of putting them, look especially at the 2 videos above. Do not hesitate to view them, then re-visit them…, until you take ownership of the technique and tension that suits you.

In general :

– The number of laps you see in the videos is a preconceptions, but will depend on the size of your hand.
– Keep the smoothest bands possible (without folding them), for better comfort and better attire in place.
– Keep your fingers slightly apart when you wind the strips, to allow them to tighten when you close your hands and thus create solid fists

Simply wash them before first use and above all, regularly after use, to keep good hygiene and good flexibility of the material. You can wash them in machines at 30 ° C. Do not go to the dryer. You don’t need to iron them either.

Whether you wear bands, gloves or mittens, hygiene is essential before and after your training to preserve your hands from irritations, skin problems… Adopt the right gesture by washing your hands with a suitable soap that will help you strengthen your natural defenses. On our e-shop, we offer you, for example, lemon essential oil soap and pepper mint Clean Hugs, designed by fighters, for fighters !

We hope to have made you realize that putting on the boxing tapes is a very important gesture to adopt, to box with maximum efficiency and pleasure. The more you progress, the more this gesture will become a pre-box ritual, to prepare you not only physically but also mentally.

Now, especially enjoy the multiple benefits of boxing !


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