How to progress in Thai Boxing?

How to progress in Thai Boxing?

The Thai Boxing or more commonly called, Muay Thai, is a very complete style of boxing due to its large panel of authorized shots.

The different techniques, sequences and possibilities offered by the practice of the Thai Boxing, can make learning laborious.

To help you in your quest for performance in this noble sport, I will reveal 2 tips that will allow you to be:

  • More comfortable in the ring
  • More effective in your strikes
  • More lucid when you fight
  • and PROGRESS FASTER (we agree you are there for that)

Going don’t waste time and find out right away !

Mastering the Thai Boxing, a matter of support ?

If you have ever watched Thai Boxing fights, you will notice that boxers are very static and move little when they fight, compared to other boxing styles like, the French Savate Boxing.

The large panel of blows allowed in Muay Thai makes its combat practice extremely unpredictable, especially when you know the effectiveness of a well-placed elbow or knee.

Then, Thai boxers are recognized to be, those who encourage them to have to hit harder and harder to break the minds of their opponents. And to hit hard, you have to be stable on your supports.

You will surely have already understood it, be well anchored on its support and limit its movements to the bare minimum will allow you to:

  • To be more lucid and alert to adverse attacks.
  • Always be very stable on your supports to improve the effectiveness of your strikes.
  • Not to lose energy in unnecessary displacement.

The more you reduce your trips to what is strictly necessary, the more efficient you will be in Thai Boxing.

WARNING ! Do not stand still in the ring either, a stationary target is always easier to hit than a moving target.

Box using each move wisely, while remaining mobile at the bust to make you difficult to reach.

Focus on the essentials to progress quickly in Muay Thai

As I explained to you earlier in this article, the Thai Boxing has many authorized technical blows and techniques. Trying to master them all will take a lot of time and energy, in the end only to master moderately all of your learned techniques.

While in combat what makes the difference is not your great “technical knowledge”, but the efficiency (power) of your boxing techniques and sequences.

For this, I strongly invite you to focus on some (3-4) techniques and favorite moves, which you will perfect to their maximums. Constantly seek to improve its speed, power, ease, etc …

The more you master a sequence, the more effective it will be.

Did you know ?
 In Thailand boxers know that a powerful low-kick can make a difference in a fight, it has even become for many of them their favorite shot. This is why a large part of their training is devoted to the improvement of this one.


Stay stable and well anchored on your supports when you box, limiting your movements to what is strictly necessary. Remember to be very mobile at the bust to make you difficult to reach.

Then work and perfect some typical sequences to make them as effective as possible.

Joël Dicker

I remain at your entire disposal in the commentary space to answer your questions.

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