How to improve your cardio with English boxing?

How to improve your cardio with English boxing?

How to improve his sports cardio thanks and for English boxing ? This may be a question you have already asked yourself in the midst of shortness of breath or a racing heart rate. To help you, Keshan, the communications manager for Natiyé, and Boxeur, has decided to prepare an article for you on the exercises to be carried out to improve your cardio with English boxing.

Your teacher to improve your cardio with boxing

Let me introduce myself, my name is Keshan, I am 22 years old today and it has been 10 years since I started boxing. My story begins in Guadeloupe in 2012 or at the age of 12, I am for the first time cramming a boxing gym … A few years later, I get a national title, so that in 2016 after years of sweat, travel, internships, of successes, crying and chess, I finally join the INSEP room (The National Sports Institute, expertise and performance) around these great Olympic champions …

So for me boxing is more than a passion, it’s a lifestyle. It has been an outlet and a school of life both by shared values, but also in this search for excellence and in this awareness of sacrifice to achieve its objectives.

Today put on your gloves, your bands, prepare your jump rope and your sneakers. Our watchwords will be concentration and efficiency.

Here are my tips:

First, note that a enduring sportsman can learn faster. Indeed, fatigue is a handicap in learning a sport. It disturbs our lucidity.

Cardio work for boxing: the jump rope

First of all, it must be said that the jump rope has many benefits, and is an element present in many combat sports to improve endurance, develop its travel and coordination capacities. It is used so much because it requires little investment, as because it provides instant results to improve its cardio for boxing.

Do not panic !

Truth be told, if you’re having trouble, you quickly learn to jump rope ! This is one of the main activities of children at school.

I offer you 15 to 17 minutes of jump rope to boost your cardio:

  • Your cardio will be boosted (you will work on your physical condition, your endurance and your cardiovascular system).
  • 17 minutes on average of rope is like jogging 45 minutes.
  • Your explosiveness will improve, as will your supportive gain (your strides will be more and more dynamic).
  • Your body will be toned (legs, glutes, abdominal belt).
  • You will gain in relaxation.
  • You are going to have fun.

Tips for skipping rope :

In addition, at the beginning tries to jump with both feet as many times as possible. Then you will try to alternate one leg in two. After that, once you master well, have fun and forget the clock … A little music can help you.

Likewise, I advise you to do sessions of 15 to 17 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. Also, for the most seasoned, do not hesitate to make your rope before each training (this is the daily life of the boxer).

And above all, don’t forget your headphones !

Shadow boxing to improve cardio with boxing

The famous shadow boxing consists in boxing in a vacuum in front of an invisible adversary. In addition, it is widely practiced in front of oneself in front of a mirror to work “the perfect gesture” of each of its blows.

A good alternative to progress technically and review all possible blows and sequences in boxing. It is also a good way for people who do not want to take a hit or else in this time of crisis, to avoid contact.

First of all, shadow boxing will make you work on your technique but also your endurance and your resistance. He is perfect for improving his cardio through boxing!

Information to know :

  • The live: Stand guard (fists closed on either side of your jaw) and extend your arm stretched towards the axis, towards the opponent’s chin
  • The uppercut: Stand guard, flexed your legs and send a punch going up towards the head of the opponent
  • The hook: Stand guard and send a circular punch which must reach the opponent’s chin

Exercise 1

3 rounds of 2 minutes of effort

  • Warn yourself and top !
  • Alternate 20 seconds normal rhythm and 10 seconds of acceleration (achieve maximum live)
  • 1 minute of rest between each round

Exercise 2

3 rounds of 1 min 30 effort with weights of 1 kg

  • Stand guard, take your weights (or two small bottles filled with sand / earth) and top !
  • Alternate 15 seconds at normal rate and 15 seconds of acceleration (achieve all your boxing ranges: direct, uppercut, hook)
  • 1 minute of rest between each round

Advice :

First, warm up well before the session. However, be careful not to stretch your arms too much to avoid injuries like tendonitis.

The Shoulder Touch to improve his cardio

Above all, the shoulder key is a fairly playful boxer warm-up.

  • Exercise to be done at 2
  • In the guard position opposite each other
  • Try to touch your opponent’s shoulders, without him being able to touch yours
  • Count your points
  • The first to reach 10 won

The shoulder key rules :

  • No gloves
  • Do not hit in the face
  • Favor speed and flexibility, to power

Improve your cardio in boxing thanks to the Fractional Race

The race is the basis of all sportsmen and in the same way as the jump rope, the boxer’s ally to improve his cardio.

In a ring, the fights last 3 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute of rest between each, or 9 minutes of intense effort. So you need explosiveness and for that, fractional on the track.

As the coach would say “ON VA GALOPER TODAY”

You have the possibility of fractionating on different surfaces: flat floor, or on climbs.

The famous session of 30 ’/ 30′

It’s actually about:

  • 2 series of 8 times 30 second rapids
  • 1.30 rest between series

To summarize you must do 8 accelerations of 30 seconds thoroughly. Then you rest 1 minute 30. To leave for 8 accelerations again !

Tips for split racing

You can do this session once a week to work on your explosive on a track or a place without obstacle.

Good luck, don’t spit all your lungs for your first try and get good shoes. Either way, go to your own pace to improve your cardio little by little.

As a bonus for improving your cardio in boxing

The punching bag

Working in the punching bag makes it possible to feel the real shock sensations experienced in combat. For those who are lucky enough to have one available at home, I will give you some exercises to improve your cardio through boxing.

Two ways to work with the bag: The fractional and the aerobic

For this exercise, you will have to put on your bandages and gloves ! Let’s go !

The fractional :

  • Perform 3 rounds of 2 to 3 minutes
  • Work in explosibility on each of your shots for 5 to 20 seconds of effort
  • Leave 10 to 20 seconds of active rest (on guard, hands high) between each acceleration
  • 1 minute and 30 seconds of rest between each round


  • Work 4 to 6 rounds of 2 to 3 minutes
  • Work on a continuous effort (60 to 80% of your abilities)
  • Do not hesitate to vary the target areas
  • 1 minute of rest between each round

Advice :

In order not to hurt you, put a specific bandage on your hands before putting on your gloves. Above all, you should avoid hitting the bag with your bare hands, so as not to hurt your knuckles. Besides, don’t hesitate to consult our article to prevent and avoid sports-related injuries, and if it’s already too late, then we also produced an article to relieve sports-related injuries.

The change in pace in your exercises will allow you to have better endurance. However, do not drink too much water between breaks, you may be bloated.

Overall, I hope these little tricks will give you a taste for the practice of boxing. See you soon on the Natiyé team !

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