How to get a mass plan on the internet: 12 applications?

How to get a mass plan on the internet: 12 applications?

What type of property is affected by the work ?





Where are the site and the location plan available?

The land map shows the location of the construction project in relation to its environment and shows the limits and orientation of the land, the construction site, the layout of the roads and seals. See the article: You will find them in the cadastral service of your town hall.

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Who can make me a top plan?

The architects remain the most competent professionals to carry out the master plan for your construction or expansion project. To see also: In addition, all important parts of the building permit document must be signed by a qualified architect.

How to make a plan on the ground?

Among the documents to be included in the file, the basic plan is an important element. It has ensured compliance with urban planning rules. Read also : . This is the right method to make a basic plan …

  • Show me the exact dimensions of the terrain. …
  • Indicate the nature of the arrangement. …
  • Make a basic project plan.

How to make a plan on the ground?


  • construction dimensions. Read also: Determine directly on this construction diagram its length, its width and its height in this particular case: the height at the top of the roof (shearing), …
  • distance: construction from the boundaries of the land, between the constructions themselves.

How to get an online status card?

To get your plan from the site, make an extract from your city’s cadastral map, which you can view at www. Read also:

What is the DP1 status plan?

The site plan is an important element which is a prior declaration of building permit or working document. … For a declaration of employment, the mention is DP1. To see also: In an excellent file creation logic, it is the plan to provide the first.

How to make a situation plan?

Create a site plan with a cadastral site Read also :

  • Visit the cadastre …
  • A list of cadastral references corresponding to the address will then be displayed. …
  • The previously selected plots can be viewed in this new window.

How to get a site plan?

Otherwise, to obtain a map of the location of your land, contact your husband who will provide you with a copy of the extract from the cadastral plan. You can also visit the website www. Read also: By showing your land address, you will get a location map.

How to make plans for his house?

By contacting the Town Planning and Licenses division of the Town Planning Service and the Municipal Patrols. Read also: However, only owners can obtain a copy of their house plan at minimal cost.

How to get construction plans?

The construction plan is with the notary who registers the property at the origin and evolves over time. This might interest you: You can find this information from the DRC or your notary or the tax administration.

How to make plans for his house?

Since 2008, cadastral plans have been available on cadastre. This might interest you: The search is carried out by entering the city concerned, then the address of the plot, the reference of the cadastral sheet and the reference of the plot.

How to plan your accommodation in Belgium?

Check the plans of the cadastral parcels or print an extract from the plan. The CadGIS application (www. Read also: (Cet hyperlien opens a new window)) allows free online consultation of digital cadastral maps.

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