How to choose your architecture software?

How to choose your architecture software?

The definition and choice of software architecture is made during the design phase. The architecture of a computer tool represents how the elements will be organized, arranged and how they will be interconnected with each other. It is the architect who generally has the role of designing architecture.

In many cases, the reflection phase with regard to software architecture is often forgotten because it is not given the importance it should be. If no architectural work has been thought upstream then the web, mobile or software application will be likely to be unstable, ineffective and difficult to evolve. What is, you would agree, problematic for those who invest in a computer development project to grow or sell their product.

What type of architecture to move towards ? How to choose the best architecture taking the context into account ?

The criteria to be observed in the choice of software architecture

To be sure that the software architecture chosen will meet the needs of the software that will be developed, it is very important that the architect has understood and understood the business needs. Just as the technical and functional expectations of the application must be clear in the mind of the architect. Among these criteria are the aspects to take into account:

  • The needs required in terms of security and performance.
  • Customer and server expectations.
  • The type of accommodation chosen.
  • Operating systems.
  • Technologies.

To summarize, good architecture is characterized by its capabilities:

  • Evolution.
  • Its level of simplicity.
  • Its maintainability.
  • Its inter connectivity.

If you have incorporated these 4 aspects into the design of the architecture of your software then you are on the right track.

The architect and his team will now define the “design pattern” otherwise called “architecture motif” or “design pattern”. It is essential that the project team define the right architectural motif. Most of the time in web development it is “three-thirds architecture” also called “three-layer architecture” that is used.

The architecture of type MVC (Model-View-Controller)

In the world of web or software developments, when you navigate from one project to another, you often encounter the same type of problem. This is why a set of good practices have been created and brought together, which you surely know, under the name of “design patterns” in French “design boss”.

The goal of pattern design is to provide a solution to a design problem. The MVC model is one of the most famous pattern designs. The MCV model manages 3 things: access to the database (Model), page display (View) and calculation and decision logic (Controller). It will help you have a well-organized source code, indicating the role of the files you need to create. The MVC model subdivides the code into 3 parts.

The Model: the model is dedicated to managing the application data. He will collect the information in the databases, organize it so that it can be processed by the Controller later. SQL queries are found in this part.

The View: the view is responsible for displaying the data. This is where we find in particular HTML code, loops and some PHP conditions

The Controller: the controller acts as an intermediary or conductor between the model and the view. The controller requests the data from the model. He analyzes them and returns the text to the view that will display it. The controller only contains PHP. The controller makes the decisions. It is up to him to decide whether or not this user has the right to access the page, so here he manages the rights to access the software pages.

Obviously this pattern design also has drawbacks. For example, any change that takes place at the controller or sight level will impact the other in return and vice versa. If a change of infrastructure is necessary, it will be necessary in this case to rewrite a significant part of the code.

The Clean Architecture

The mission of the Clean Architecture is to reduce the dependencies between business logic and other components (API, database, interface, external services etc.) The first advantage of the Clean Architecture is that it will allow the software to be more easily scalable, it will adapt better to future changes and developments.

This type of architecture will therefore give you more room for maneuver because it is more abstract and less segmented than the MVC model. A certain logic must be respected when you choose to design your software with the Clean Architecture.

Discover the design logic that your Clean architecture must respond to:

  • Do not depend on frameworks and bookstores. You should consider them and use them as tools and they should not force you.
  • Do not depend on the user interface: depending on the evolutionary needs, the interface must be able to change shape, switch from console to web interface for example.
  • Do not depend on any external system.
  • Do not depend on the database. During the journey it must be possible to change the database management system.

Questions to ask to be sure to choose the right architecture

Keep in mind that it will be the developments that will take place on your computer solution that will directly impact the proper functioning or not of your architecture. When software evolves a lot the result can be an architecture ultimately unsuited to what the software has become. This is why we will always advise to target an evolutionary architecture. An architecture will not remain frozen for very long. Between the increase in the volume of data, new functional needs, new needs for integration etc. Architecture must be able to adapt.

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