How to choose an apartment on plan?

How to choose an apartment on plan?

Depending on your budget, projects and desires, your choice of purchasing accommodation available in VEFA (sale in the future state of completion) will not be the same. Here are some keys to help you choose your new apartment on plan.

Rental investment or main residence ?

The first thing to do to choose your new apartment well on plan will be to determine your project: do you want to buy to rent, so make an investment, or buy your new main residence ?

Indeed, if it is a moving project for you and your family, you will be more looking at the construction project: area, distribution and arrangement of parts, brightness, location, additional facilities (terrace / balcony, cellar, parking space). As a result, your budget may swell, as will your requirements.

On the other hand, if you want to make a rental investment, you will surely be less demanding but will still remain looking, for example, on the location of this new property to be able to rent it quickly.

Choose your promoter carefully for your future accommodation

There are many property developers who offer apartments in VEFA, whether large groups or freelancers. For your VEFA housing purchase project, take the time to meet with several promoters before making your choice. Remember that he will be your privileged interlocutor for the duration of the construction work, but also during all the administrative procedures that will lead you to purchase: signing of the reservation contract, the deed of sale, bulkhead visit , reception visit

Meet the different promoters that interest you, ask them all the questions that concern you about the project, the construction stages and the payment stages.

If it is important to choose your promoter on convincing facts (reputation, current programs, financial situation …), do not neglect the feeling that you have (or do not have) with him. The more cordial the deal, the more likely you are to avoid potential conflict situations.

Take stock of the apartments and residences that interest you

Once you have spotted different apartments in VEFA, before making your final choice, take stock to compare the preselected goods and the promoters:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each apartment (location, price, surface, number and distribution of parts, equipment, brightness) compared to the other ?
  • How each apartment fits your unwavering criteria ?
  • Which services each offer residences compared to the others ? (Guardian, amenities, parking, terrace, security systems, etc.).
  • If other goods have been purchased, who will be your neighbors ? (Primo-accedants, families, retirees …).
  • In which VEFA program is it possible to make modifications and customizations during the works ? For what amount ?
  • What the reservation contract includes ? What does he commit you to ?
  • What are your guarantees in the event of late delivery of the accommodation ?
  • Does the program meet the requirements of a label or certification (in addition to those that are mandatory) ?

How to read the plans for your future apartment ?

Once you get to the point, and you’ve almost definitively chosen the good you will buy in VEFA, take the time to learn to read its plan, or rather the plans. Your promoter will show you four documents:

  1. The situation plan, which shows your future residence in his neighborhood.
  2. The mass plan, which places your future building within the limits of its land.
  3. The floor plan, which shows the floor where your apartment will be placed.
  4. The plan of your apartment.

Pay attention to the keys to the plan: where are the load-bearing walls, the fine partitions, what is the height under the ceiling, in which direction do the windows and doors open. Your promoter will help you decipher it during your meeting, but it is easier to know how to decrypt a plan yourself, to be able to read it again with a rested head and show it to your loved ones.

Some promoters today have virtual tour software for VEFA apartments that they offer for purchase. It will be even easier to visualize your future accommodation with this technology.

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