How old to start boxing?

How old to start boxing?


This known worldwide quote, which Pierre de Coubertin is falsely attributed, is an adage that takes on its full meaning when you do combat sport and are over a certain age. The more the same physical condition, the more fresh the freshness of the first fight, the physical capacities are suddenly more limited.

However, in a provocative article from 2014, the media Europe 1 headlined in 2014: echoing the comeback of the time of the French boxer Jean-Marc Mormeck and taking for example the Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko, world champion and at the top of the heavy hierarchy at over 38.

Strictly speaking, there is no age limit for starting to box. But from an administrative point of view, it may be more complex to compete at an older age (authorization and medical analysis of the subject more complete).

How old can you do English boxing ?

English boxing is characterized by a separation of fights into two categories:

  • Combat boxing (amateur boxing): The power of the blows is counted and contributes to winning a fight,
  • Boxing assault: where the goal is the touch rather than the power. Powerfully struck blows can even be tantamount to sanctions against boxers. The technique is here totally put forward in relation to the power of the blows.

The French boxing federation distinguishes several categories: leisure boxing or educational boxing, amateur boxing and professional boxing.

Amateur boxing is the boxing you see at the Olympic Games.

Many Olympic champions (like Tony Yoka recently), pass by, professionals.

It can be practiced from 13 to 39 years old. However, to continue until age 39, you must have obtained your first license before age 34. It will thus be more difficult (possible derogations) to obtain a first amateur boxing license at the age of 37 or 38. In this variant, practitioners wear a boxing helmet and the format of the fight is done in 3 rounds of three minutes each.

Recreational boxing or educational boxing is aimed at a much wider audience and can be practiced from 7 to 77 years.

The boxing logic remains the same with the notable exception of the power of blows which is not useful for winning his duel and beating his opponent.

The federation nevertheless provides a nuance for “assault” clashes in the sense that it is not possible to challenge a boxer whose age gap is more than 2 years. This is sometimes complex for older competitors. Not impossible that said !

Do you know how often to practice boxing ?

Age limit in French boxing

French boxing, sometimes also called “savate bo” or simply “savate” is a punched foot boxing (which means that you hit by punch and kick).

As with English boxing, we find the two variants: the assault (we touch our opponent) and the fight (we hit our opponent).

From a purely technical point of view, there is no age limit for these two categories.

The ultimate age category for the “assault” variant, that is, the veteran category, includes people aged 40 and over. For the combat variant, all participants over 35 are considered veterans.

Technically, it is therefore possible to register for more than 50 years in a boxing club and to do boxing training.

For the “combat” variant, the French elite A and elite B championships (men and women) are open to veterans under the age of 40 who have obtained specific medical authorization from the national federal doctor. In official competition, the same rule applies with a medical authorization from a doctor approved by the national medical commission.

It will always be possible after 40 years to switch to the “assault” variant and to continue to put on the gloves in competition.


What is the age limit in Thai boxing ?

In muay thai (or box Thai paris) it is more complex since there are two federations. The FMDA (mederation of muay thai & associated disciplines) and the FFKMDA (French federation of kick boxing, muay thai and associated disciplines) with sometimes different admission rules.

Regarding the regulations in competition, the FFKMDA sets an age limit of 50 years.

For veterans (41 to 50 years old), it is no longer possible to register for a “combat” variant competition, the last category of which is represented by seniors (40 years maximum).

On the other hand, it remains possible to register as an “assault” variant and to fight fighting but only in a regional section. In fact, it is impossible to get into a ring after 40 years, since the clashes “assault” are made on a tatami.

The FMDA also offers a different reading grid since the age limit for competition in a “combat” variant is set at 34 years, when the limit for the “assault” variant is set at 44 years.

The federation also specifies that it is possible to be granted a derogation by the national medical commission. Note that from the age of 30, the medical authorization for aptitude for the practice of Thai boxing must be issued by a doctor holding the CES for biology and sports medicine or that it is approved by the commission national medical. Further examinations will also take place at 35, 40 and 43 years of age.

In all cases, you are greatly advised to get closer to these two federations and to contact a club that interests you to have a more personalized answer on your case.

Keep in mind, however, that Thai boxing requires extremely good physical condition, which can sometimes be complicated when you are a certain age.

Do you adapt your boxer diet ?

Becoming a boxer by being a quarantine: it is possible !

Technically, there is no barrier to practicing boxing and its different variants. In competition, the medical follow-up imposed will be more drastic but that does not prevent the practitioner from flourishing in leisure.

When you get older, whether you’ve been a former sportsman or not, the body and physical abilities decrease (relaxation, explosiveness, strength, speed of execution, etc.).

However, a very correct level of endurance is kept at 40 years of age. It is not uncommon to see athletes approaching quarantine win the most prestigious marathons.

For former boxers who wish to resume after their quarantine, the first advice would be not to want to resume the habits they had when they boxed at twenty or thirty years of age. The body is unlikely to respond in the same way. Doing so would increase the risk of injury.

Another point, where you could neglect your body a little more (food, recovery time, warm-up and stretching), it’s more complicated to do it after quarantine.

In a word, to regain level, you no longer have to listen to your body (which maturity normally makes it easier to do). Basically, you have to be able to rest if you need to and not pull too much on the rope when you feel the injury start.

For those who would no longer feel capable of taking sometimes violent blows, it is possible to turn to martial arts such as aikido, karate or kendo.

Famous boxers who shone after quarantine

33 years is the duration in years of Roberto Duran’s fabulous career for a final record of 103 victories for 16 defeats. Roberto Duran boxed at a high level from the age of 16, until he was fifty.

Floyd Mayweather is also an example of longevity and undeniable proof of success after 40 years, as evidenced by the boxer’s last fight (against the Irishman Conor Mcgregor). He was undefeated in 50 professional clashes.

The palm nevertheless goes to Bernard Hopkins, American boxer who was world champion at over 48 years of age. He remains the oldest world champion in the history of pro boxing today.

We also think of Mathieu Kassovitz who fought an amateur boxing fight near his fifties. Like what, anything is possible !

Definitions “box age limit”

Boxing is a sport that requires good physical condition. You have to have energy and recover quickly after the effort. The boxing hall allows everyone to let off steam, great Olympic champion as an amateur.

What is the savate ?

Appellation which designates French boxing, which is practiced in variant “assault” or “combat”.

What is the age limit for practicing boxing ?

Technically, there is no real age limit for joining a club. It is when you want to continue or compete that age can be a drag. However, we advise each participant who would like to start one of the different boxes to discuss it with a boxing trainer beforehand to have their project validated.

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Your comment

I have always worked my punch at home (former diver) and wish to start professional boxing is this a big utopia or is this achievable. I am 33 years old and I can no longer concentrate in my everyday professional life because this dream is far too great in my heart. Am I finished or am I in adequacy.

It is important to follow your dreams. But beware, get in touch with professionals in order to have a complete and enlightened vision of the environment.

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