Best software, integrated remote control?

Best software, integrated remote control?

Best software, integrated remote control – Kit Merker

Turn corridor conversations into better code

If you are setting up a software company, you have to decide – should I hire software engineers remotely?

Let’s leave aside the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that everyone works from home. The trend of remote work has been clear for some time. Technological poles continue to cost more to live and work. Companies are looking for talent outside their headquarters. Distributed teams now work in offices around the world, and some of them work entirely at home.

The competitive job market justifies access to more talent through remote work. Zoom and Slack made this possible like never before.

But isn’t it always better to have all the programmers in one room?

Remember to write software a bit like writing a book. The author does not act alone, but rather collaborates along the way – activities such as research, publishing and guaranteeing a marketable product. But the main task of writing a book is writing.

The coding is similar. Developers work together and with product managers, UX designers and many other roles. But the main activity is coding.

Imagine the perfect writing space, and you will imagine Walden Pond – isolated, calm and distant.

How is it to be a programmer in an office? If you want to design the perfect environment to drive developers (or writers) crazy, this would be the floor plan open. Finding loneliness means fighting for conference rooms or putting on noise headphones.

These large blocks of concentration time are interrupted. Constantly.

Coding is not exactly like writing a book, as it results in software, which inherently has a lifespan. Whether it is an application, a website or a cloud computing infrastructure, it requires continuous maintenance.

Modern programming is more like writing for Wikipedia. Many distributed contributors work together to create a large encyclopedia. Open source software follows the same model. Developers around the world are building Open Source software with people they will probably never meet. Your business can do the same.

Collaboration is essential during the “integration” process when programmers combine their work into a product or full application. Many bugs hidden by the configuration of a developer can no longer hide. Using Continuous Integration Tools (CI), discover bugs early and more often.

“Currenches on my machine. “- programmers everywhere.

When working together in an office, it is easy to discuss the problems you see in integration. You can bring your laptop to a colleague’s office (interrupt work) and ask them to fix it for you. The larger team never learns from these discussions, and there is no record of that.

Remote team members (who cannot pass) ask your team to communicate in writing. You encourage clear and easy-to-discove documentation. You give developers the freedom to be productive on their terms. The result is better software.

Hiring remote software developers is excellent for employee flexibility. It helps you increase your talent pool and reduce costs. Programmers need solitude and big blocks of time to do their best. Remote teams promote written instructions and automation – all of this leads to better software, built remotely.

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