Best robot vacuum cleaner on the market: Comparative?

Best robot vacuum cleaner on the market: Comparative?

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The diagram of the price / performance ratio of robot vacuum cleaners

What is a robot vacuum cleaner ?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a maintenance device capable of performing household tasks independently. This type of domestic accessory has existed since the 1990s, but it was in 2009 that the market really exploded.

The reason ? Technological advances now allow the arrival in homes of truly efficient and autonomous domestic robots.

The vacuum robot is not as effective as a conventional vacuum cleaner, however. It should therefore be considered as additional household equipment for the small daily work, but not for a large spring cleaning. It is also of playful and technological interest. A gadget that improves with each new model sold on the market.

Information on the 7 main manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners

  • Rowenta
  • Neato Robotics
  • Ecovacs Robotics
  • Philips

Historic manufacturer of vacuum cleaners the brand stands today as a key in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. Proposing the high end of the category, we will find with particularity a non-standard suction power; Making the brand, even today an almost unbeatable leader.

Modern, elegant and above all having one of the best value for money in the market, the brand has been able to develop a range of unique robot vacuum cleaners. Intuitive, and above all adaptable to everyone, Rowenta stands today as the ideal companion of the consumer seeking to combine price and quality.

Innovative. This is probably the best word to describe the appropriate brand. With a whole panel of vacuum cleaners and technologies, iRobot is positioned in the high-end medium of robot vacuum cleaners. A must all the more since the level of finish will be almost unrivaled on the market.

High end but especially intended for houses with animals. The brand highlights the ability of its vacuum cleaners to care for hairs, whether dogs or cats. A must that will also pay more than dearly: it will take at least € 300 for a robot vacuum cleaner at Neato Robotics.

In line with Neato Robotics we will find Ecovacs Robotics, a brand that is positioned in the same categories, with a consequent price variation. Here it will be necessary to dig a little to find the most suitable model as the offer seems vast.

Classic among the classics, Philips would have everything to seduce on paper. Nevertheless, and this is one of the big reproaches that we will make to it: it is sorely lacking in experience on the market in question. If its creations will remain good invoices and rather very durable, we will look twice before tackling a brand model.

In line with Philips. In other words, good but can do better. The brand offers quality robot devices without exceling in the task. Too bad all the more that we will also pay, the prestige of a brand necessarily relevant in this sector.

How a robot vacuum cleaner works ?

Connected. If a few years ago robot vacuum cleaners set themselves up as completely independent, they now have a wireless connection. In other words, the latter are configurable both in terms of actions and in terms of areas of action.

Also, and this is one of the other fundamental points, robot vacuum cleaners today have Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Artificial intelligence will be readily associated with it in order to place it in a context of connected house.

A must therefore all the more since advertising, ergonomics and sustainability have been increased. Something that will make it an essential asset in the interiors with animals or simply very passing.

Benefits & fields of application

The main advantage of vacuum robots is that they offer a real revolution in the way of cleaning. No need to pass the broom several times a day, your robot does it for you. It is enough to load it and configure it according to your need of the moment.

Perfect for a small, poorly furnished apartment with hard floors, its use is less suitable for larger dwellings, with furry carpets (unless to limit it to a few rooms). In any case, it will be less cleaning to do yourself.

What types of robot vacuum cleaners exist ?

Robot vacuum cleaners are now available in two versions: connected or not. If the last was the standard version a few years ago, it tends to disappear more and more in favor of robot vacuum cleaners set to 100%.

Robot vacuum cleaners who also have artificial intelligence before integrating to maxima into your daily environment.

It is easy to understand how hard unconnected versions will find it difficult today to find so many robot vacuum cleaners of new generations will make things simpler, and ultimately flexible.

This is how the robot vacuum cleaner is tested

The conformity of vacuum robots is assessed using several types of practical tests. However, these are based on very specific criteria such as:

Cleaning efficiency

This is normally the aspect that matters most when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. This must be between 30 and 40 W to be considered efficient. An upper rating is assigned to models that have, for example, HEPA filters or UV lamps

The capacity of the tank

To pass the test, the robot must also have a substantial dust tank (approximately 0.5 L) in order to avoid emptying it too often.

The noise

Another important element to check during a product test of vacuum robot: its noise. Normally, this type of device produces around 70 dB (the level of silent trolling vacuum cleaners). Above, the aptitude test is not validated.


Depending on the type of battery, the robot will have a different autonomy. It can thus vary from 60 to 120 minutes. If compliant, your model should be able to clean your home in one charge.

Product evaluation

Vacuum cleaner Robot Dyson 360 Heurist

Rare. Vacuum cleaner Robot Dyson 360 stands out first for its rarity. Often out of stock, the Dyson will be talked about by complex accessibility, and we understand why.

Simply having the biggest suction power on the market, the robot vacuum cleaner Dyson stands like the top, the very high end, of smart suction.

And with a price exceeding € 900, we can easily understand the relevance and rarity of the product. A little gem without a competitor.

IRobot Roomba 692 robot vacuum cleaner

It is one of the most classic, one of the most effective, one of the cheapest. The Roomba 692 is relevant from all points of view.

Connected, Google Home and Alexa compatible, it stands as the archetype of the robot vacuum cleaner. If its suction power remains below, it will be readily used in a house without animals, with passage and hard floors. A must all the more at a price below 250 €.

Vacuum cleaner Robot iRobot Roomba i7556

High-end of the iRobot brand, the Roomba i7 692 with Clean base, will be an essential for those who want total autonomy and power.

Ideal for animal hair, we will find here all the qualities of a classic vacuum cleaner, in the flexibility of a connected vacuum cleaner.

A real competitor to the Dyson who, for the coup will be worth a few euros ready, the same price as the latter.

The advantages and disadvantages described in customer comments

The advantages :

  • Improved suction power in recent years.
  • Improved autonomy.
  • Every effortless daily cleaning.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners for homes with animals.
  • Out of the ordinary flexibility.
  • Very low prices compared to a few years ago.
  • Improved connectivity allowing total control of your cleaning.
  • Monitoring the progress of cleaning your home remotely.
  • A house that stays clean even when you are on vacation.
  • Low consumption for a very ecological side.

The disadvantages :

  • Power still below the wired vacuum cleaners.
  • Lots of models for few real quality models.
  • Problems inherent in technology (connection, settings, etc.).
  • A sometimes “gadget” tool rather than effective.
  • Quite recurring problems with the carpets.
  • An inherent recharge requirement without Clean Base.
  • Not necessarily the most suitable vacuum cleaner for small areas.
  • Complex for multi-storey houses.
  • Don’t go to every corner of the house.
  • Sometimes find it difficult to suck up heavy particles like small stones.

What to watch out for when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner ?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a technological device that cannot be bought on a whim. To make the right choice, you have to focus on certain criteria, including battery autonomy, suction power, weight, and accessories provided.

But the most important thing is that the model purchased has perfect congruence with your use.

So if your accommodation is made up of several floors, it is better for the robot to have an integrated vacuum detector. Likewise, if you have a lot of furniture, your choice should be made on a model with systematic navigation, so that it does not constantly return to the same place. Simple little things to think about.

Alternatives to robot vacuum cleaners

There are several alternatives to the robot vacuum cleaner, but the main one is the broom vacuum cleaner.

More powerful is the perfect compromise between a classic broom and a sled vacuum cleaner. Often wireless, its dust bin is located on its handle which facilitates the expulsion of litter. But its benefits stop there. Autonomy level, most broom vacuum cleaners do not exceed 45 minutes and they need human intervention to operate.

It would be more useful to invest in a good sled vacuum cleaner with a vacuum robot as a backup device.

Internet or specialized commerce: where should I rather buy my robot vacuum cleaner ?

More and more vacuum robots are found on the shelves of specialized stores. But is it the best place to buy it ? Admittedly, you will benefit from the practical advice of an experienced seller, however, many brands and manufacturers will be missing.

Conversely, one of the great strengths of online commerce is to allow access to all of the models currently sold on the market. A definite advantage for consumers, especially in an area where innovation is pervasive and where the main brands are found in Asia. In addition, online shopping also provides almost constant promotions on many products.

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How to empty a robot vacuum cleaner ?

Each model of robot vacuum cleaner is different, but the principle for emptying the dust container remains relatively comparable. Most of the time, remove the bin, remove the dust filter, empty the tank, clean the filter, then return the tank.

How to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner ?

For it to last, you must maintain your aspiring robot regularly. To do this, empty your bin regularly, clean the brushes and the filter using a wipe. Ditto for the robot itself.

What is a virtual wall ?

A virtual wall allows you to delimit a navigation area for the vacuum robot. This avoids accidents and allows cleaning up zone by zone. Some models are sold with this type of accessory.

What if my robot vacuum cleaner goes around in circles ?

This type of problem can be due to several causes. The main one is a speck of dust, or other, stuck in the robot’s navigation system. If, after disassembly and cleaning, the problem persists, make a total reset of the device. And as a last resort, contact the manufacturer’s after-sales service.

How to clean in the corners with a robot vacuum cleaner ?

Most models of vacuum robots are round, so it is difficult for them to reach the corners. To achieve this, favor robots that have a D shape

Robot vacuum cleaners are noisy ?

On the decibel side, vacuum robots are to be compared to vacuum cleaners with silent sleds (70 dB). It’s not extremely noisy, but still annoying if you stay in the room.

What a robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair ?

Automated vacuum cleaners (bases and robots) are not known for their ability to recover animal hair. However, the best devices on the market, cited in our comparison, offer good performance in this area.

Robot vacuum cleaner or traditional vacuum cleaner ? Why choose ?

The vacuum robot is an excellent backup cleaning device. And in principal, you can keep your traditional sled vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaner or hand vacuum cleaner ?

These two accessories do not have the same use. The hand vacuum cleaner is preferred for furniture (table, sofa) and hard to reach areas. The robot for the floors.

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